Anodizing Specialists Providing Custom Chemicals and Process Expertise

KLT Chemical is the leader in optimizing anodizing processes by leveraging the best chemistry and line monitoring technologies to exceed your expectations

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Available Products

KLT Chemical Company offers unique and effective anodizing supplies include coating and finishing chemicals, perfect for your industry needs.
Anodizing Dyes
We provide technical support including custom aluminum dye formulation and shade-matching for Type I, II, and III aluminum.
View a complete list of our lubrication products. Our product engineers provide complete technical assistance. Guaranteed trial orders available on all products.
Other Products
KLT Chemical Company combines its expertise in manufacturing and specialty engineering to create chemical materials for a broad range of industrial applications.

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KLT Chemical Company is a leading supplier of custom industrial chemicals including aluminum anodizing chemicals, aqueous cleaners, surface treatments, metalworking fluids, laser oxide scale removal, and corrosion inhibitors.