Anodizing Seals

SealTite Anodizing Seals

>> SealTite 6000 / Mid-Temperature Seal
SealTite 6000 is a mid-temperature, low foaming liquid seal for anodized aluminum. SealTite 6000 is designed to give a high quality seal and does not effect organic or inorganic dyes. SealTite 6000 uses a duplex sealing process and combines the best dispersant system to keep smut from forming on the parts. SealTite 6000 is easy to operate and maintain, does not yellow and meets all current seal tests. SealTite 6000 is cost effective operating at a much lower temperature 160-190° than hot water at 200-210° F.


>> SealTite 6001 / Mid Temperature Non-Nickel Seal
SealTite 6001 is a non-nickel, mid temperature, liquid seal for anodized aluminum. Do to no nickel products in the formulation, SealTite 6001 is environmentally safe. SealTite 6001 has the same seal qualities as SealTite 6000.


>> SealTite 6002 / pH Adjustment For Anodizing Seal Baths
SealTite 6002 is a liquid pH control concentrate designed to stabilize and buffer seal baths against hard to control pH fluctuations. The down drift normally experienced as a result of acid drag-in and aluminum sulfate dissolution in the seal bath can be eliminated by the pH-lock mechanism of SealTite 6002. SealTite 6002 operates to minimize smut, promote seal, and extend bath life by retarding the formation of metal hydroxides experienced in the use of ammonium and sodium hydroxides for pH adjustment. All seal baths, including hot water and nickel acetate seals benefit from the use of SealTite 6002.


>> SealTite 6004 / Low Temperature Seal
SealTite 6004 operates at lower temperatures of 70 to 90° F. SealTite 6004 meets all anodizing seal specifications and gives smut free sealing. SealTite 6004 has a long tank life, non-yellowing and gives excellent paint and whether stripping adhesion. SealTite 6004 is pH buffered which reduce pH adjustments. SealTite 6004 packs anodic pores for better sealing.


>> SealTite 6010 / Anodizing Seal Additive
SealTite 6010 was especially designed for use in the final hot seal tank of the aluminum anodizing process. SealTite 6010 combines wetting and dispersing agents used to eliminate or minimize sealing smut and water spotting in the sealing operation.


>> SealTite 6011 / Mid-Temperature Seal (Organic Dyes)
Same as SealTite 6000. SealTite 6011 contains a different surfactant package which helps with the fading of organic dyes.


>> SealTite 6012 / Mid-Temperature Seal (Low Nickel)
Same as SealTite 6000. SealTite 6012 contains less nickel acetate than conventional seals of the same nature. Meets all seal tests and is more environmentally friendly.


>> SealTite 6025 / Mid-Temperature Powdered Nickel Acetate Seal
SealTite 6025 is a combination of nickel acetate, wetting and dispersing agents used to eliminate or minimize sealing smut and water spotting in the sealing operation. SealTite 6025 tends to wet the surface of the coating and starts the hydration of the anodic film deeper into the pores of the coating.


>> SealTite 6047 / Seal Bath Conditioner
SealTite 6047 is a concentrated liquid formulated to reduce phosphate contamination in anodizing seal baths. SealTite 6047 extends bath life, improves seal quality and is effective in both Nickel and Non-Nickel Seals.