>> TotalEtch 2000 / Liquid Aluminum Etchant & Extrusion Die Cleaner
TotalEtch 2000 is a liquid aluminum etchant and extrusion die cleaner. TotalEtch 2000 produces an etch with good hiding power and extra life in the die cleaner tank. Especially formulated to control scale and to produce a high quality etch TotalEtch 2000 will hide die lines and other marks. TotalEtch 2000 prevents the build up of hard scale on heating elements, sides and bottom of tanks. TotalEtch 2000 is free rinsing leading to less drag out loss. TotalEtch 2000 is formulated to give rapid rapid cleaning of dyes without forming a tremendous amount of sludge in the tank. TotalEtch 2000 eliminates the need for daily dumping of the die cleaner tank. TotalEtch 2000 contains a fume suppressant and other ingredients to allow the wetting of the dies speeding the removal of aluminum.


>> TotalEtch 2001 / Powder Aluminum Etchant & Extrusion Die Cleaner
Same as TotalEtch 2000 in powder form instead of liquid.


>> TotalEtch 2002 / Aluminum Etchant (High-Hide)
TotalEtch 2002 is a powdered proprietary alkaline aluminum etchant which is used as recommended produces an etch with extra hiding power. TotalEtch 2002 produces a “whiter” etch than conventional etches. TotalEtch 2002 is specially formulated to control scale on heating elements, sides and bottom of tanks. TotalEtch 2002 is free rinsing leading to less dragout loss.


>> TotalEtch 2003 / Aluminum Etchant (Low-Foam)
Same as TotalEtch 2002 also contains a greater amount of fume control agents.


>> TotalEtch 2004 / Liquid Aluminum Etch Additive
TotalEtch 2004 is a highly effective etch additive used at ½ to 1 gallon per 100 lbs. of caustic. TotalEtch 2004 is highly concentrated and contains grain refiners and accelerators. TotalEtch 2004 is non-hazardous, easy to use and totally water-soluble.


>> TotalEtch 2005 / Liquid Aluminum Etch Additive (High-Hide)
Same as TotalEtch 2004 also contains extra grain refiners and accelerators.


>> TotalEtch 2007 / Aluminum Etch Fume Suppressant
TotalEtch 2007 is a highly concentrated powdered aluminum etch fume control for caustic aluminum etch tanks. TotalEtch 2007 is used in small additions, creates no health hazard and is environmentally safe.


>> TotalEtch 2038 / Aluminum Etch Zinc Purifier
TotalEtch 2038 is a highly effective zinc purifier for aluminum etch tanks. TotalEtch 2038 can be used as a no dump additive for caustic aluminum etching. TotalEtch 2038 eliminates galvanizing, controls, copper, aluminum and zinc contamination and is used in small additions.


>> TotalEtch 2040 / Grain Refiner For Caustic Etch Recovery System
TotalEtch 2040 is a highly effective grain refiner for caustic etch recovery systems. TotalEtch 2040 increases grain refinement, is easy to use 100% active, totally soluble and is used in low concentrations.