Anodizing Additives

AnoAdd Anodizing Additives

AnoAdd 4000 / Anodizing Additive
AnoAdd 4000 is an anodizing additive designed to be used sulfuric anodizing baths. AnoAdd 4000 reduces time, energy consumption and refrigeration requirements. AnoAdd 4000 produces no yellow coatings.

0.2-3% + 24 ASF = 0.7 mil in 22 minutes.

Great for two-step electrolytic coloring.



1-6% by volume (normally 2-4)

60-85° F

Anodizing Bath Concentration:
Sulphuric 140-180 g/l,Aluminum 18 g/l

15 – 40 minutes

Density 12-24 amps/sq.ft.

Coating Thickness:
0.4 – 1.0 mil.


AnoAdd 4001 / Anodizing Additive
Same as AnoAdd 4000 / AnoAdd 4001 can be used under Hard Coat Anodizing conditions.


AnoAdd 4002 / Liquid Anodizing Fume Suppressant
AnoAdd 4002 is designed to give a very light foam blanket on the anodizing tank without interfering with anodizing. AnoAdd 4002 is economical and greatly reduces the amount of fumes arising from the anodizing tank. AnoAdd 4002 is effective in any acid bath (sulfuric, hydrochloric, chromic).


AnoAdd 4003 / Powder Anodizing Fume Suppressant
Same as AnoAdd 4002 except in powdered form instead of liquid.


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