Desmuts / Deoxidizers

SmutFree Desmuts / Deoxidizers

SmutFree 3000 / Non-Chromated Liquid Desmut/Deoxidizer
SmutFree 3000 is a liquid non-chromated desmut that is fast acting at 10 seconds to 2 minutes on most alloys other than some castings. SmutFree 3000 is less hazardous than straight nitric acid and is completely soluble in water. SmutFree 3000 is a good preparation for conversion coatings and produces low electrical resistance surfaces. SmutFree 3000 does not effect polished aluminum. SmutFree 3000 works at room temperature.


SmutFree 3000-B / Additive For Smutfree 3000 Desmut-Deoxidizer
SmutFree 3000-B is an additive to be used with SmutFree 3000 to accelerate the desmutting and deoxidizing action. SmutFree 3000-B if used according to the directions will maintain the desmutting action of the bath for longer periods of time without chemical additions.


SmutFree 3001 / Additive For Sulfuric Acid Desmut/Deoxidizer
SmutFree 3001 is used together with sulfuric acid to produce a highly effective desmut/deoxidizer. When used correctly SmutFree 3001 & sulfuric acid can be run at much lower cost than conventional desmut/deoxidizers.



Method of application:

SmutFree 3001/1-5% by volume
Sulphuric Acid / 8-10% by volume

70-90° F

0.5 – 3.0 minutes

Tank Construction:
304 or 316 stainless stel, polyethylene, or rubber lined tanks


SmutFree 3004 / Non-Chromated Desmut For High Silicon Castings
SmutFree 3004 was formulated for the removal smut from high silicon castings as well as titanium. SmutFree 3004 reduces hydrogen embrittlement with minimal metal removal. SmutFree 3004 gives low surface resistance, excellent welding surface with fewer fumes than nitric-hydrofluoric acid bath. SmutFree 3004 gives an excellent wetting surface, long bath life, and operates at room temperature.


SmutFree 3007 / Non-Chromated Powdered Desmut/Deoxidizer
Same as SmutFree 3000 except in powdered form instead of liquid.


SmutFree 3008 / Chromated Desmut/Deoxidizer
SmutFree 3008 is used under the same operating conditions as SmutFree 3000. SmutFree 3008 may be used in manufacturing plants where chromic as does not present a problem. SmutFree 3008 can also be used as an anoxic stripper. SmutFree 3008 will remove the anodic coating without effecting the parameter of the aluminum part.


SmutFree 3021 / Powdered Desmut/Deoxidizer Additive
Same as SmutFree 3001 except in powdered form instead of liquid.