SureKleen Cleaner

>> SureKleen 1000 / Liquid Alkaline Aluminum Cleaner
SureKleen 1000 is a heavy-duty non-silicated, non-phosphated liquid alkaline aluminum cleaner. SureKleen 1000 is effective against buffing compounds, oils, greases and soils. SureKleen 1000 is non-etching, easy to add and contains water-conditioning agents for less sludge and scale build up. SureKleen 1000 is an ideal cleaner for bright-dip operations.


>> SureKleen 1001 / Liquid Non-Phosphated Acid Aluminum Cleaner
SureKleen 1001 is a heavy-duty non-phosphorus liquid acid aluminum cleaner. SureKleen 1001 removes buffing compounds, oils & soils. SureKleen 1001 has a unique build in defoamer, which allows more air agitation.SureKleen 1001 is effective for bright dip operations as well as clear or etched extrusions. SureKleen 1001 is free rinsing and presents no acute health hazards.


>> SureKleen 1002 / Powdered Alkaline Aluminum Cleaner
SureKleen 1002 is a powder alkaline aluminum soak cleaner that is safe and will not etch. Excellent cleaner with water conditioning properties as well as a superb detergent package. SureKleen 1002 is effective against most commonly encountered soils and oils. SureKleen 1002 is completely soluble in water, which means no insolubles on the bottom of the tank making clean-out much easier and quicker. SureKleen 1002 is safe operating at a mild pH and is totally free rinsing leaving no residue to interfere with further processes.


>> SureKleen 1003 / Heavy Duty Alkaline Aluminum Cleaner
SureKleen 1003 is a high performance cleaning concentrate, which has been designed to handle heavy soil loads and give long bath life. The removal of cutting oils, buffing compounds and other soil is accomplished rapidly and completely with SureKleen 1003. SureKleen 1003 performs excellently as aluminum cleaner prior to bright dipping and all other anodizing operations. SureKleen 1003 is truly a superior cleaner which can handle even the toughest soils on aluminum without etching or pitting.


>> SureKleen 1005 / Heavy Duty Alkaline Aluminum Cleaner (Low-Foam)
Same as SureKleen 1003 with high defoaming properties.


>> SureKleen 1007 / Additive To Make Phosphoric Acid Cleaner
SureKleen 1007 is a highly concentrated additive, which is added to phosphoric acid and used as an acid cleaner for bright dip lines. SureKleen 1007 brightens aluminum wheels, is free rinsing and completely soluble in water.


>> SureKleen 1055 / Liquid Etch Cleaner For Aluminum
SureKleen 1055 highly concentrated liquid etch cleaner for aluminum. SureKleen 1055 is extremely effective as a cleaner prior to etching for two-step electrolytic color. SureKleen 1055 is a low foaming cleaner, gives long bath life and is effective at low temperatures. SureKleen 1055 gives a matte etch.


>> SureKleen 1063 / Liquid Alkaline Buffing Compound Remover
SureKleen 1063 is a high performance alkaline liquid buffing compound remover. SureKleen 1063 is non-silicated and non-phosphated and will not etch the aluminum. SureKleen 1063 is designed to be used in operations where no etching can be tolerated, such as bright dipping and electro polishing. SureKleen 1063 contains water-conditioning agents for less sludge and scale build up and is easy to add and mix.